Renters Insurance quotes in Florida. Do I really need them?

Renters Insurance quotes in Florida. Do I really need them?

Renters insurance quotes Florida residents receive are unlikely to include flood coverage, as it is not standard for tenants’ insurance policies.  However, flood insurance is available – you just have to tell your agent that you need it added to your plan. In Florida, this is important.  The warm climate and the fact that it is surrounded by water on almost every side means that Florida is more humid than most areas.  When cooler air, usually carried by the ocean, moves into the area and meets Florida’s warm, already saturated, air, violent weather can occur.  And, thanks to Florida’s geography, it usually does.

A typical Renters insurance quote Florida leaseholders receive generally include limited Liability, Medical Costs for Others, and some amount of personal property coverage.  While this is great and protects policyholders from most of the everyday incidents they are likely to face, states it will not protect them from severe water damage caused by hurricanes, tropical storms, or even heavy thunderstorms.

And these are a natural, recurring hazard Florida residents face at higher rates of incidences than those who live in other US states.

Floridians know the coastal weather can be treacherous.  Panama City is still recovering from a Category 5 hurricane which slammed the tourist hub in 2019 before the hurricane season had even officially started.  While many residents were still waiting for State and Federal financial assistance, those who were covered were already receiving help. No doubt about it, renters insurance in Florida from is a must.

A lot of residents were displaced while their homes were repaired — or even rebuilt.  Imagine the costs they faced due to hotel and motel stays, longer commutes to and from work and school, laundromats, and restaurants.  It is enough to financially ruin a person, much less a family.  In FL, tenants insurance with flood coverage is a necessity.  The low monthly premiums pale in comparison to the amount of money one stands to lose following a violent weather event.

None of this is meant to frighten you, it is only meant to remind you that Florida is one of the stormiest states in the US.  Oklahoma has tornadoes; Buffalo suffers massive snowstorms every other year; and Florida sees its share of hurricanes.  So Florida policyholders need flood coverage.

The usual Florida renters insurance shoppers find do not include all of the coverage and options they need.  Ask your agent to help you find the right policy for your needs. You will be glad you did.

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