Twin Beaks Herb Salad

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Enable your bird's ability to self-medicate.

22 organically grown herbs chosen specifically for birds! Each herb has been chosen for its healing and preventative properties. Our captive birds are not able to self-medicate like birds in the wild and Twin Beaks Aviary's Herb Salad is trying to remedy this.

Astragalus--immune system stimulator, aids digestion, energy, kidneys

Barberry---C, antiseptic, respiratory, antibacterial, blood purifier, liver function

Chickweed---C, B6, B12, D, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, stomach, respiratory

Dandelion---liver, kidneys, stomach, vitamins, rich in potassium, iron, calcium

Echinacea---antibiotic, antiviral, strengthens immunity, vitamins & proteins

Elderberry---respiratory, anti-inflammatory, blood purifier, stimulates appetite

Garlic---antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, fertility, immune system, heart

Kelp---iodine, thyroid, stimulant, emollient, protects mucous membranes

Lavender---stimulant, digestion, essential oils, relieves stress, metabolism

Licorice---expectorant, liver detoxifier, anti-inflammatory, delicious flavor

Marshmallow---heals wounds, calcium, A, diuretic, demulcent, tonic

Milk thistle---liver repair, heart, lungs, circulation, expels intestinal worms

Oatstraw---rich in calcium, magnesium, yeast infections, antiseptic, thyroid

Olive leaf---chronic skin problems, allergies, improves the will to live in sick birds

Pau d’ arco---antibacterial, blood cleanser, fights infections, liver, candida

Plantain---kidneys, bladder, appetite, diarrhea, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory

Red clover---relaxant, antibiotic, inflammations, biotin, minerals, B’s, A, C

Spirulina---fertility, growth, immune system, stress reducer, color, protein

Thyme---antibacterial, kills and expels worms, fights diarrhea

Valerian---feather plucking, aggressiveness, pain relief, nervous conditions

Wormwood---liver, aids digestion, encourages appetite, kills & expels worms

Yarrow---blood purifier, liver function, virus & fungal inhibitor, tonic

Directions: Offer Herb Salad dry, in shallow dishes so that your birds can find the particular herb it needs. Replenish as necessary or every two weeks.

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