Volkman Super Cockatiel-With Sunflower 4 lbs


Cockatiel Blend with Sunflower Seed

We use Volkman's Avian Science Super seed blend for all our birds. It is a high quality mix. There is far less waste, which means our birds are consuming more.

Contains: White proso millet, safflower seed, canary grass seed, oat groats, California gray sunflower, buckwheat, whole wheat, small crack corn, rainbow pineapple/papaya, peanut dices, hemp seed, vitamized oat groats, carrot dices, cantaloupe or cucumber seed, coconut flakes, green and red bell pepper dices, spinach flakes, orange oil, (Vitamin C used as a natural preservative).

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  • Model: VM21504
  • Manufactured by: Volkman

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