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We're a family-owned aviary in Northern Virginia, about 20 minutes west of Washington, DC. It's not a job, it's our way of life (every day, rain or shine, now in our second decade!). Our aviary and retail store are located in Chantilly, Virginia. We hand-raise a variety of parrots. It's not just feedings and cage cleanings, we spend lots of time socializing and caring for our babies to make them wonderful new family members when they get to their new home. We sell the products we use ourselves. Please take a look around our website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Our flock pages highlight our breeding stock and show some of the variety we can produce. The nursery shows candid shots at varying stages of development. We take lots of pictures for new parents to see and welcome them into our aviary often (we think it's important to spend time with their baby while weaning). The about us section tells you a little bit about who we are, our pets (we're very proud of, if you can't tell), and some special friends we've lost over the years.

The for sale section highlights the birds we currently have available. We invite people to come visit our aviary (we  take deposits and final payments for babies in our online store as a convenience to those who want to use a credit card, or to get on the waiting list sooner than visiting). We usually have a waiting list for many types of babies. We ship nationwide!

Our online store has all the toys, foods, supplies and things we have in our aviary. We ship your order right to your home. You can also make deposits for birds online.

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1/4 Lots of new photos of babies just posted to the For Sale pages. Every category!
12/23 We will be open Christmas Eve from 11 AM until 2 PM and closed Christmas Day.  Shop online all day & night.
12/8 Santa's Coming - BACK this weekend! If you didn't make it to the aviary this past weekend for photos, you still have Saturday and Sunday, the 14th & 15th to get them made. Back in a couple days and in plenty of time to enjoy before Christmas, ALL proceeds goes to the World Parrot Trust. Join or renew membership with WPT and your photos are FREE, too!

12/6 Parrot Pictures with Santa is this weekend and next. Come to the aviary between noon and 3, Saturday and Sunday to have your parrot (and kids, young or old) pose with Old Saint Nick. ALL proceeds benefit the World Parrot Trust and pictures are free with new or renewed membership!

12/2 We'll be closing early today, 6:00 PM. Shop online all day & night. Cyber Monday sale prices save big!!

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